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North Texas Angel Network (NTAN)

NTAN is a Texas non-profit corporation that seeks quality deals for angel investors to consider. We are a part of a statewide network of angel groups that cooperate on deals across Texas. Our members identify and screen these applicant companies. We educate and coach early stage companies in North Texas for the purpose of raising money, assisting in their growth and improving the local economy. Entrepreneurs from any industry are encouraged to apply.

InvestIN Forum

Phone: (214) 213-6597

The InvestIN Forum is a service company with three principal activities: To find the best investment deals/opportunities for our members, To advise and assist entrepreneurs, To provide consulting services to companies that are in rapid growth mode and can use our expertise.

Lone Star Angels

Lone Star Angels is a non-profit organization focused on connecting startup companies based in north Texas with private investors who can provide capital and the advice to help the new business grow.

Baylor Angel Network

The Baylor Angel Network (BAN) is an investor network providing early stage capital to entrepreneurs with developed business plans, complete products, and early revenue.

Wilco Angel Network

The Wilco Angel Network (“WAN”) is a Texas Not-for-Profit organization which is dedicated to providing quality seed and early-stage investment opportunities for accredited angel investors (“Members”), while fostering startup and small business growth in Texas. WAN will serve as a source of dealflow for investors and mentorship for startups.

Texas Mezzanine Fund

Central Texas Angel Network

The Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited Central Texas angel investors, and to assisting, educating and connecting early-stage growth companies in Central Texas with information and advisors for the purpose of raising money and assisting in their growth.

Dallas Angel Network

The Dallas Angel Network is a non profit organization (501(c)(3)) that connects entrepreneurs with angel investors. The DAN is run by unpaid volunteers and financial professionals interested in deploying their own capital and in meeting likeminded individuals who wish to create wealth through innovative ideas and ingenuity. The DAN does not charge entrepreneurs to submit their business plan or at any other stage. This maximizes participation by entrepreneurs and ensures strong deal flow

Infusion Capital

West Texas Angel Network

Phone: (806) 683-9439

Following a series of informational meetings, WTAN was officially organized in November, 2009 and was incorporated as a Texas non-profit with offices in Amarillo. WTAN is governed by its members and managed by Equitrend Capital, LLC. WTAN works in concert with the Entrepreneur Alliance, Inc. to provide assistance services to portfolio companies.

Aggie Angel Network

The Aggie Angel Network (AAN) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited angel investors, and to assisting early-stage high-growth potential technology companies with fundraising and advisory services.

Lonestar CAPCO Fund., LLC

Phone: (512) 532-3587

The CAPCO program is an economic development program created by state legislation to increase investments in small businesses located within the state. A CAPCO (Certified Capital Company) is a state certified venture capital fund.The sponsoring state allocates premium tax credits to the investors in the CAPCOs. Insurance companies invest in the CAPCOs through debt instruments that combine tax credits and a cash return. The CAPCOs make investments in small businesses located within the state. The new businesses create jobs for the local economy and provide both direct and indirect economic benefits to the state.

Franchising Ventures Group

Franchising Ventures Group takes the risk and the struggle out of franchising your business.”They form a venture to provide the capital and the skilled management needed to create, market and manage franchise programs in a joint effort with companies that had the potential for great success.

Haas, Wheat & Partners

Haas Wheat & Partners is a Dallas-based private investment firm specializing in strategic equity investments and leveraged buyouts of middle market companies. Invested in industries, with particular concentration on:Healthcare, Consumer products and services, Specialized business services and manufacturing

Holding Capital Group

Phone: (972) 386-4101

Holding Capital Group is a private equity investment firm.Holding Capital seeks to invest in understandable businesses serving the basic needs of society. They should be stable or growing. Operating management must be proven and willing to stay long-term with ownership. Businesses should be earning a satisfactory return on sales relative to the industry in which they operate, have reasonable working capital ratios and leverage, while performing to an established operating plan. Threats to the future of the business from competition, technology, consumption trends and the like should be known and addressable, especially if intellectual property is the foundation of the business. What We Generally Don’t Do: Start-ups, Companies with Negative Cash Flow, and Venture Rounds.

Peppertree Capital Management Group

Phone: (440) 528-0338

Peppertree Capital Management, Inc. is a private equity fund manager focused on growth equity, recapitalization and buyout opportunities, primarily in telecommunication infrastructure companies.

Retail & Rest Growth Capital

Phone: (214) 291-2891

Retail & Restaurant Growth Capital, L.P. (RRGC), a $60,000,000 private investment partnership, provides debt capital and strategic counsel to businesses operating in the retail and restaurant industry that have exhibited a potential for accelerated growth and expansion. RRGC's four general managers collectively have over 60 years of private investment, management, consulting

Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds is a network of angel investors dedicated to investing in early stage companies founded and/or led by women. Golden Seeds has more than 170 accredited investors, with locations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco.

Houston Angel Network

The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is a non-profit organization that provides its members a forum in which to efficiently evaluate promising early-stage investment opportunities. Its membership consists of active and SEC-accredited angel investors who share the goal of making informed, collaborative investments in promising early stage Texas-based companies. HAN was founded in late 2001 and is the largest and most active angel network in Texas: Since inception, our members have invested more than $27M in 68 deals.

The Turtle Creek Club

With over 1500 qualified investors and numerous private equity funders attending events in 20 cities nationwide, and offering a business social network website for private equity capital and business angel investors, and hundreds of promising venture companies, the Turtle Creek Club and its predecessor club have averaged at least one introduction between private investors and venture entrepreneurs most every business day, reaching back over more than six years.

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently