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ZS Pharma

1120 South Fwy.
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: (817) 727-4150
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

ZS Pharma, Inc. is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company located in Ft. Worth, TX and focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary oral sorbent technology. Our compound, known as zirconium silicate (ZrSi), selectively removes life-threatening toxins in patients suffering from kidney and liver disease and related conditions. We have secured exclusive intellectual property and intend to pursue multiple indications to address significant, poorly-met medical conditions (acute and chronic hyperkalemia, hyperammonemia, hyperphosphatemia). We have conducted compelling in vitro and in vivo studies and have hired a highly diverse, seasoned executive team.

Vollara, LLC.

5420 LBJ Frwy.
Suite 1010
Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (214) 378-4000
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Virbac Corporation

3200 Meacham Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76137

Phone: (817) 831-5030
Fax: (817) 831-8327
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Virbac Corporation develops and distributes products for animal healthcare. Products treat dental care, tick and flea and grooming.

United 1 International Laboratories, LLC.

4641 Nall Rd.
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Phone: (972) 490-3300
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Tropical Oasis, Inc.

3602 N. Hwy. 121
Melissa, TX 75454

Phone: (972) 837-2510
Fax: (877) 833-7246
NAICS: 325411
Industry: Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries

Two Brothers, One Vision: To bring our customers better health and quality of life through proper nutrition. You try to eat nutritious, natural, and healthy foods, but consistently eating a balanced diet is hard to do. Our goal is to provide you with quality nutritional supplements to complete your healthy diet and give your body everything it needs to stay healthy and youthful

Texas Biogene, Inc.

635 Presidential Dr.
Suite 110
Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: (972) 644-1888
Fax: (972) 644-9798
NAICS: 325414
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Texas Biogene Inc. manufactures and researches products and services for molecular diagnostics. Highest area of proficiency is in the advancement of products for genotyping assays.

Swiss-American Products, Inc.

2055 Luna Rd.
Suite 126
Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone: (972) 385-2900
Fax: (972) 385-7930
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

7590 Sand St.
Fort Worth, TX 76118

Phone: (817) 284-0429
Fax: (817) 284-0531
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

As a preferred supplier of custom pharmaceuticals, we remain focused on the customer and committed to exceeding regulatory and quality requirements through motivated, empowered and dedicated employees.

Southwest Immunology, Inc.

1200 Tad St.
Ennis, TX 75119

Phone: (972) 875-1825
Fax: (972) 875-3768
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Southwest Immunology Inc sells and distributes products related to neurological problems.

Sleep Solutions, Inc.

1701 N Hampton Rd.
Suite A
Desoto, TX 75115

Phone: (214) 751-2490
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Diagnostic substances

Signe Biopharma, Inc.

1717 W Walnut Hill Ln.
Irving, TX 75038

Phone: (972) 550-0310
NAICS: 325411
Industry: Medicinals and botanicals

Remington Health Products, LLC.

808 S Blue Mound Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76131

Phone: (817) 847-0606
Fax: (817) 847-0605
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Remington Health Products is committed to bringing you the highest quality health supplements. We continually strive to improve our products to bring you the best supplement in the industry to help support a healthy you.

Reata Pharmaceuticals

2801 Gateway Dr.
Suite 150
Irving, TX 75063

Phone: (972) 865-2219
Fax: (800) 998-3206
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides technical and physical research services to develop new medicines in the different medical areas.

RBC Life Sciences

2301 Crown Ct.
Irving, TX 75038

Phone: (972) 893-4000
Fax: (972) 893-4111
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

RBC Life Sciences develops a variety of nutrional supplements and wellness products. Products target weight management, sports and fitness and physical health.

Progressive Laboratories, Inc.

1701 W Walnut Hill Ln.
Suite 100
Irving, TX 75038

Phone: (972) 518-9660
Fax: (972) 518-9665
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Progressive Laboratories develops and manufactures a variety of pharmaceutical products including nutrional products, bitamins, minerals and general health products.

Premark Health Science, Inc.

6125 Campus Circle Dr.
Irving, TX 75063

Phone: (972) 894-0020
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations

Phentex Corporation

1303 Columbia Dr.
Suite 223
Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: (214) 450-8820
Fax: (972) 497-9197
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Phentex Corporation develops and sells specialty chemicals and organic compounds for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

PharMerica, Inc.

2214 Paddock Way Dr.
Suite 900
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Phone: (972) 602-0909
Fax: (972) 606-4973
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

PharMerica is a provider of pharmaceutical and related health care services primarily to the long term care industry.

Pfizer, Inc.

7 Village Cir.
Suite 500
Westlake, TX 76262

Phone: (817) 491-8400
Fax: (817) 491-8443
NAICS: 325414
Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pfizer is one of the world's largest firms that specialize in pharmaceutical development, research and sales.

Petnet Solutions, Inc.

1350 Manufacturing St.
Suite 105
Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: (214) 741-2075
NAICS: 325412
Industry: Diagnostic substances

PETNET Solutions operates the largest PET radiopharmacy network with over 47 radiopharmacies and distribution centers at multiple locations that produce and distribute PET radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals, clinics, and research facilities for PET imaging

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently